Boundary House Surgery, Bracknell
Mount Lane
RG12 9PG

Test Results and Samples

It is your responsibility to ensure you contact the surgery for all test results ordered by the doctors. Most blood, urine and other tests including x-rays and scans ordered by Boundary Hose doctors and undertaken outside the surgery can take one week for the time they are performed to get back to us, unless we specifically tell you otherwise.

In order to maintain confidentiality (apart from tests on children) we will only give results to the person undergoing the tests.Only in exceptional circumstances will results be given to relatives or carers Written or verbal consent has to be given by the patient to the caring GP for third parties to be given information.

Results cannot be discussed at the reception desk so please do not ask the receptionists for details of your results when you attend the surgery. You must telephone or ask a clinician if you have an appointment.

Samples are collected for delivery to the surgery throughout the day with the last collection at 3.30pm. If you have to leave a specimen please try to get it to the surgery before 3.30pm.