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Important Changes to your Medical Records

Dated: 12-Sep-13

GP practices will soon be required to supply patients’ personal and confidential medial information, on a regular basis to the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC). This information will be extracted from the practice in a form that can identify you (i.e it will not be anonymous) and will include your NHS number, date of birth, postcode, gender and ethnicity. Under the Health and Social Care Act 2012, GP practices have no choice but to allow the HSCIC to extract this information.

The data will be stored on HSCIC national servers and not on GP systems. The HSCIC will administer the data and states, it intends to use it “for planning health services and for research” This is known as “secondary uses” of your medical records.

Although GP practices cannot object to this information leaving the practice, individual patients and their families can instruct their practice to prohibit the transfer of their data. i.e you have the right to opt out.

If you do nothing, i.e you do not opt out, then your medical information will be extracted and uploaded to the HSCIC.

You will still need to opt out to prevent care data uploads even if you have already opted out of the NHS Database (The Summary Care Record). The NHS Database opt out will not prevent care data uploads.

There is a lot of information available about care data, which you should refer to before you decide on whether you wish to opt out or not visit or download Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I opt-out?

Simply download and complete the Opt-out form and return to the Surgery.

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