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Opening Hours

Reception is open Monday - Friday 8.00am - 6.30pm

Consultations are by Appointment only.

Appointments are available Monday - Friday 8.10am - 5.50pm. 

Pre bookable early morning appointments are also available Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Friday from 7.30am.

Making an Appointment

Non-urgent appointments may be made by telephoning 01344 483900 or by calling at the surgery during opening times Monday to Friday. Alternativley, you can make an appointment Online.

If your problem is urgent you will be able to see a doctor the same day, but you may not be able to see the doctor of your choice.

It is also possible to arrange telephone consultations.

Appointments are for one person only.

If you cannot keep an appointment please inform us as soon as possible so someone else can benefit from the appointment.

Late for your appointment

Due to the high demand for appointments and clinician workload, you may not be seen if you are more than 5 minutes late for your appointments. If you are late, it is up to the clinician if you are seen or not. 

What does your 10 minute appointment consist of?

  • Doctor briefly scanning your record to see if anything to be aware of e.g. previous medical history, medications, hospital letters, blood results, last consultation info. (Approx 30-60 seconds.) 
  • Calling you in and waiting for you to get into the room and sit down. (Up to 2 minutes.) 
  • Main part of the consultation: taking your 'history,' any examinations required, setting up tests, any immediate action needed e.g. emergency referral to hospital team. (About 5-7 minutes.)  
  • Writing up the notes and doing any immediately necessary admin. (1-2 minutes.)   
So, even in the best case scenario, you only have a maximum of about 7 minutes in the room with the doctor.   

Many people these days are taking much longer as a result of things like more complex medical problems, an increased prevalence of mental health issues and bringing multiple problems to deal with in one consultation. Some things cannot be hurried like telling people they have cancer. There is also an issue with people turning up late.   

These are some of the reasons that the doctors often end up running late.   

Therefore, please remember that the appointments begin at 10 minute intervals; your 10 minute allocation includes all of the above and is not 10 minutes in with the doctor.   

You can help by bearing this in mind when you come e.g. trying to keep your consultation to the least number of problems possible on each occasion (ideally only one main problem).   

Please do not complain to the receptionists when the doctor is running late; it is not their fault and rarely is it the doctor's fault either. Remember you also may overrun your allocated time and therefore cause other patients to wait longer; consider how you would feel if you were hurried out of the room especially if you have just received bad news.

Home Visits

Home visits are for housebound patients; lack of transport is not a reason for requesting a home visit. Whether or not the doctor will visit is at their discretion.

Please telephone the receptionists on 01344 483900 before 10.00am whenever possible. It is often possible to ask for a particular doctor to visit.

Chaperone Policy

Intimate examinations and use of chaperones.

Before an intimate examination (both male and female) the Doctor or Nurse will give you a full explanation of the procedure you are about to have and offer you the choice of having a chaperone present. 

If you require a chaperone one of our practice nurses or another GP will be available.